Wonder women

Women play a substantially important role in every relationship she’s involved in. She’s a nurturer, a protector, survivor and a reproducer. She comprises so much, she’s a universe. Her birth, giving birth and than dying- isn’t it magical? .


She’s a source of solace and a river of emotions. Women are a rare creature made by God to take care of all his other creations. She loves to love and loves to receive love. She’s every time all things good. But sometimes she’s mad, crazy, difficult, fierce, bold and judgmental too. .


💫 She may not tell you the truth sometimes but she sure does remember what she hides. .

💫 She’s not a good cook but she always tries to put an extra effort on your favourites. .

💫 She liked that dress but she kept mum instead she bought those onesies. .

💫 She’s the best to share secrets with and gossip all night. .

💫 She did pursue what she wanted but she might not like what she’s doing with her life now. .


So, this is the time ask her out, talk a bit more, stay a little longer with her, hold her and never let her go whoever she’s to you – Mom, Sister, Wife or Daughter.

Celebrate them because they are worth celebrating. Happy Women’s Day from Ina and Mama💕


That magical smile.

It’s not what you have it’s all what you give.Charity is a beautiful gesture. Charity is not just with your money. In Islam it’s a saying that,

‘Smile, it’s charity ‘ and I love this thought.

Have you ever thought it that way- you making a day by just a smile. Smile heals the broken hearts, the uncertainty of a stranger , the obscurity of a pessimist.


That epiphany when you make a smile is heaven for the other person in grieve. You don’t know the power in your smile it can mend all the worries and stress. A smile that you do is a good deed you earn. It’s a blessing you already are blessed with. Smile is exactly like music – it’s universal.


In a world filled with sadness, anxiety and depression , a simple smile can make wonders. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) India is the most depressed country in the world. Followed by China and than the US. These countries are most affected by anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder according to the WHO. Imagine a country with second highest population leading with all depressed people, no wonder, we are still in developing countries list.


What is it that takes you away from the happiness? Why are you so worried so anxious? Will this grieve take you somewhere? Who are you pleasing? What will they say ? Are my parents proud of me? Will she say yes? Will he get me that ring today?


STOP talking to yourself. Self help is the best help but you are not helping yourself by talking to yourself. Reach out, communicate. Thought that bothers you will never leave you, until you leave them. No that doesn’t mean you’re running you are just analysing it , trying new method, taking a new approach. Smile even if the other person is stern at it. The challenge is never to make them smile back it is to make them see us smile at them.


A sad soul will never lead a happy life. Smile it adds to the beauty and rejuvenates the soul.

Heartbreak can teach you things! Things to learn after a failed relationship.

Hi to the smart, fit , intelligent readers out here. A heartbreak is only know to a person who’s failed in a relationship.

Relationship is a huge terminology compromising many emotional , physical, economical feelings and values to it . You tend to mend yourself for a person you love; be a better person each day . But God forbid it doesn’t work well and you end up in a failed or a broken relationship. Here, I’d like to bifurcate the things you’ll learn , cultivate and enhance after a heartbreak.

#1. Self love :

Somewhere deep down you already knew that he or she wasn’t the one but the urge to hold on and be with them made you stay. And in this process you tend to loose your own happiness; in the persue to please them. Now you start focusing on your self and activities you love and where missing in your life.

#2. Confidence :

A failed relationship always makes you stronger and boosts your confidence level. Now you can decide what you want, what you wear, what you eat, how you eat and many more small and big decisions. It makes you self aware of your choices. You are not bound to anyone anymore for their consent.

#3. Letting go :

The cliche ‘It wasn’t you it was me’

Comes to an end. Whoever it was it is done and gone, gone for good, let go. Now you no more crib over things. You cultivate the attitude of letting go. You don’t fight for things even if you are right in the position. You know you are right and that’s enough for you, Let Go. Reminiscing is not in the protocol.

#4. Staying Positive :

Your only concern after a heartbreak is not to break it ever, further in your life. And to make sure this happens you start focusing on staying positive, been with all the positive vibes people, not analysing the negative outcome. Staying calm and positive is what you learn after a heartbreak.

#5. Your Worth :

You were worthy of everything in this world and you still are. It’s their lose. Start afresh, look around and to find someone more compatible and worthy than the past. You start realising your worth and start being more social and outspoken than before.

Babe, don’t be a victim of heartbreak be a heart breaker. The world is yours to be explored and so are the inhibitors.

People who learn are always the best and learning from a failure gives you a practical aspect. Heartbreak is not a disease and definitely not contagious. Smile along. Stay blessed.

Things to keep in mind when you are expecting!

Mind and pregnancy doesn’t go hand in hand as the hormones are always in a secret mission to make you mad. But at times you can try and maintain your sanity and help yourself to have a peaceful pregnancy. Here are a few points that I feel you all should practice during pregnancy.

1. People will judge : To keep u our sanity you should always keep people’s judgement at bay. Over thinking about negativity will only make it worse. Try to avoid ignoble people or activities that makes you dull, lethargic and negative. Just say , ‘Bye bye, I gotta make a whole new human for me.’

2. It can be any gender : Don’t be centric with the choice of gender. It’ll be your baby make it the best from the rest. Stop thinking in pinks and blues. Let the boy be a dress designer and the girl an engineer. They’ll be the best what they’ll be capable of.

3. Shop wisely : People start shopping as early as at the start of second trimester ( I did the same) . Do not make the nursery in pink or blue as I said earlier go for any soft pastel. Do not buy rockers or bouncer or swings unless you try it with the baby. How will you try? Make the baby rock on your lap if he/she is comfortable buy a rocker and likewise for swings and bouncer.

4. Do not believe in myths : -The shape of your belly bump. Oh yes it’s a round it’ll be a girl , slender , it is for sure a boy . Excuse Me. – Blotted nose in third trimester is a sign of a girl. – Facial hair growth indicates a boy. – The heartbeat of a girl child never reaches more than 120 ( Inaaya had a heartbeat of 132 during my last days ) . There are my insinuations associated with pregnancy by the ancestors.

5. Be prepared : The first time mommies always be prepared in your mind for the day, not to panic , listen all the instructions given my your mother or any expert (who have a baby, there are many who have a bundle of information but not a single child) and your doctor. Stay calm the baby knows it’s way. Breath , smile , cry, yell, bite, scream do whatever you feel like keeping in mind that – This too shall pass. I’ll have my baby.

6. Eat healthy : Cravings will haunt anytime, anyplace and you can suffice them. You can always have sweets, sour and junk but in small portions. And on a daily basis it is real important to eat a whole healthy meals. Small, nutritive, healthy meals . Supplements will make up but you need to have food for their proper absorption.

7. Me time : You’ll need all the time of the day for this. Go for walks , exercise, indulge in activities with other fellow preggers. If working make sure you at least take an hour out. Than you can bifurcate it in exercise, walk and an activity of your choice painting, doodling, mandala making, swimming, dancing, anything.

Hope you like the pointers and don’t forget to make these 8/9 months the most memorable months that you can cherish all your life. Ya one more , do try not to fight with that poor soul named – Husband ❤️

Jet set go !


I am Mariyum Ina’s mama. I am an immature writer. But I love to write. So I do what I love. I’ll be sharing my personal opinions, parenting hacks, DIY activities for toddlers and few of cooking and burning food stories.

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Inaaya is my daughter she is 3.2 years now. She’ll be joining kindergarten soon. Her perspective of looking at things always amazes me. She’s my first and only child. She’s a tomboy kinda girl and I never stop her being.

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