Kuch toh log kahenge!

A mean mom:
Yes I’m a mean mom in many ways but one to my daughter. Yes! You heard it right. Being a mean mom is not wrong at least you know what you are doing.

Things I do that makes me a mean mom. I am a ferociously protective mom and I have had moved mountains in my journey of motherhood so far.

Feed her on fixed hours: I am very particular about my daughter’s feeding time. Be it a house party I sneak in the kitchen to get chapati and few chicken pieces at 9 in the night, as the time to lay the dining table goes as late as 11 p.m. And I am so mean that I cannot compromise with her hunger. When at a function or wedding I carry fruits for her on the way to feed her and as soon as I reach the venue I don’t wait for others to sit for the meal, I start feeding her. Tell me names I give a deaf ear to your calls. Some may find me overdoing it but I care a damn!

Started potty training her when she was 6 months: Yes! I skipped her diaper pants since she was 6 months. I use to take her to the washroom every two hours. She started crawling to the washroom on her own and banging the door loud, asking me to remove her diapers. They said I’m cutting on diapers and saving. Yes I was saving for her and keeping her off rashes and stinky cotton. And a number of other skin infections.

10 hours of sleep: I always made her sleep in the afternoon at least for an hour. So that she is fresh and alert in the other half of the day. I make her sleep on my lap in a car if we are traveling. I make sure she gets her hearty 10 hours of sleep if not on a stretch, in breaks. Now her biological clock is such that she covers her 10 hours of sleep anyways, anyhow.

People find me mean as I don’t let her be the way she likes to be or the way she wants it to be. I couldn’t let a 1 year old take decisions for herself. Yes! I’m a controlling mom to a baby who is not even a toddler but for her good. But if I won’t be mean today she won’t be the same. People will not like me for not paying attention towards her and might not like her for being a cranky child. I am mean by all means I want to be this way to make her better.

I cannot afford to leave her unattended, uncontrolled. She’s anyways a child but not what others expect me to make her. I cannot afford to keep her hungry because she’s playing, I cannot put her in diapers because she’s small, I cannot deprive her of her sleep because she’s not aware of her sleeping patterns yet. I had taken her responsibility the day I saw that little pea beating inside me. I’m not mean I’m in every sense responsible. And people who like to tag me or name me are very much welcome to do so! Because kuch toh log kahenge!